A new ZENNER product – insulation for domestic water meters

۲۶ آبان ۱۳۹۶ | دسته‌بندی: اطلاعیه ها

DIN 1988-200 requires cold potable water piping and its fixtures and fittings to be insulated against condensation formation and unintentional heating. ZENNER offers an exceptionally simple solution here.

Condensation may be generated on water meters lacking insulation. This is particularly problematical in cellars and new buildings where high humidity prevails. Avoidable damage due to condensation is often incurred.

The new insulation system for domestic water meters is available for all horizontally installed meters with  WVG housing Qn 2.5 (Q3 = 4) and for all horizontally installed meters with WVG or ZENNER housings of Qn 6 (Q3 = 10) and Qn 10 (Q3 = 16) sizes.

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